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Monday, 11 August 2014

Nathan Detroit: Peace Of Mind

Artist: Nathan Detroit
Title: Peace Of Mind
Format Reviewed: MP3
Format Released: 11th August 2014
Reviewed By: Jamie Kerr

My goodness this has taken a lot longer to write up than I was expecting. Peace Of Mind has been extremely difficult to review as I've struggled to give each song a description that consists of more than just saying ‘meh’.

However, I have tried my dandiest to give a rundown of each song to make this a worthy review.

Opening track The Way Down sort of sets the tone for the vast majority of the record, opening with a clean guitar riff that seems to be a popular choice for the majority of the record. It never really picks up from there even when the rest of the band comes in, although the vocal harmonies are spot on and can't be knocked.

The tempo picks up for Never Enough and I start to think that there's still hope yet. Whilst it's certainly better than the opening track, it's all still rather ordinary and predictable but does end stronger than it starts.

I Will Always Be A Part Of This Wor (I can only assume this should say ‘World’ but my iTunes seems to have cut it short) opens with another clean riff which features a couple of nice vocal harmonies that I had to skip back to hear again.

Every Heart is the only redeeming song for me. I'd say it's probably the ‘heaviest’ song but even then it's still rather tame. I feel that there could have been so much more to this one but at a rather short 2:08 it's all over far too soon with a rather abrupt ending.

Overall I feel like there’s something missing but it's hard to identify exactly what. I'm sure there's an audience out there that will be into this record so all's not lost for these lads. Personally I think if Peace Of Mind had been released a few years ago, I may have enjoyed it more but I feel like it's all been done before and that it's all just rather boring unfortunately. There isn't anything particularly offensive about this record, I just can't see myself ever coming back to it for a repeat listen.

Perhaps ‘meh’ really is the best way to sum it all up.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh man, I've not got around to listening to this yet. I was really looking forward to it, such a shame you didn't think it up to much.

    I've played with these guys a couple of time over the last year or so, love seeing them live, such a fun band and a great bunch of guys. Shame to think the EP has let them down.